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I’m totally blank – week 5

No opinion on how this week is going..

week 5 – This is really interesting.

I’m not a woman of few words, and 1 year ago I might also have had a lot of opinions on a lot of things. But this week last year same assignment as this week, NO OPINIONS!

Funny enough this time I didn’t really think so much about it, it just was or is how it is suppose to be. But being the observer I see (or hear) so many people having opinions, but now I really don’t care (as much as before).

Sometime I just feel sad for them, other times I think ‘hey, I’m glad that I don’t have to put up with that any more or always go and be concerned about this and that, and then letting everyone knows, because what I say is important’.

One thing that is really great, yeah actually amazing! is that I no longer just jump in with them.. when they start talking about some crap I either just let them talk and let it go in one ear and out the other, or I simply stop them, and tell that I actually don’t care what they thing about x, y, z. I no longer start discussing it, or getting upset together with them, because it won’t bring me any good, so why bother.


This is amazing!

To be able to see the change without knowing it, feels awesome.

Now it shouldn’t sound like I have no opinions at all, I sure do 🙂 but now when I focus on not having them it comes natural.. so the part with what you focus on you will get, really make since here.

So I just have to start focusing on more productive things.


Sorry for the layout.. My whole page is changing these days, so please bear with me.no-opinion

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week 4 – We all have obstacles and problems.

Really interesting how I saw things in week 4 in this amazing journey.

Week 4

We all have obstacles and problems in our lives, and no one can tell you that yours are not as bad as theirs.

You can never compare!

So what if there are thousands of people starving in Africa, that doesn’t help me. Yes that is horrible, but it doesn’t change my situation. And the fact that my neighbors burned down (it didn’t) still doesn’t change the fact that I feel I’m struggling in my life. So get over it!


Only you can change your situation. And yes this course can and is confusing, and there is a lot going on, and I’m not use that I get it all 1) because of the info overload in my head 2) because I’m not native in english, and some slang words do not translate in Google, but I’m getting it. And I’m getting the part that I’m ready to get.

That is also why I would love to have had the time to be able to go back listen again, and again.. Because there is things I know I didn’t get the first time.. but I also know that everything is perfect!

I will get it in time 🙂

My life just got challenge one more time, a big set back with my husbands situation.

I could choose to focus on that, and that now everything will be hard, and it will be, but!!!! I know that I’m here for something way bigger, and I know that I have a purpose in life, so I need to step up and face the facts. And actually putting my head in these scrolls and my DMP and everything we read every day, THAT HELPS!!! It gets me back on track, back to where I’m going and not what is right in front of me. Because what is in front of me is the results of my old actions, my old blue print and thoughts, so therefore I can’t change that, but I can change how a react to it and how I let it be a part of my life.

I have know this for a long time, but the fact to do something about is not so easy.


So to all of you in the group, I know this is hard and you have challenges, but think of the things you really want, think of the world we can be a part of if more of us get this, get how to be nicer, help more people etc.







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Week 3 – How much one word can change everything

Still amazes me!


Week 3 – Will

Wow – what a difference!

Why did the author even put in the word WILL? This makes such a big difference..

With the will, it’s more like you don’t really believe that it is possible, like someone is telling you to think like that, and yes that was what we (I) needed to hear in the beginning. But the book was not written for this course, so if a small word like will can make such a difference, he should also be aware of it.. and yeah maybe he is, I don’t know what will 🙂 come in the next scrolls.

I just had to share this WOW moment.. because it helped me in my thinking of how I daily put my words with my children, and now have to put my words in the DMP too.



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Week 3 – Emotions

Interesting to be reading how I felt when I took this class the first time..


Week 3 – Emotions

Sometimes the most simple things tent to seem most difficult. What do I want?

Last week was horrible, I was really struggling with having a plan and fitting everything in, and remembering what I had to do.. But I promised myself not to give up, not to postpone, and like the scroll says you can’t retrieve nor substitute it for another.. And actually if you miss a day, you need to start all over on the 30 days, and I do not have time for that, 1) because I’m on the course and I have to follow 2) because if everything just can be done over, then why even try? I can do it tomorrow. NO!!! only if you don’t take your life and your dreams seriously.

Now things start to work as a plan, and slowly becoming a habit. Life and my old blue print keep trying to pull me back like the lobsters do..

I couldn’t understand why people after the webinar at the mastermind sessions got so emotional, but then I started look at my DMP to figuring out what to change and what I really want in life. I was scared of deleting things because I don’t want to miss out even though I know that if I get the heartfelt dream in place, I will manifest the ‘smaller’ things. I suddenly started crying when I felt how much it would mean to me to have an au pair in my life. So that must be a start, something I really want to attract.. then it is just how do I put my DMP so that I can manifest that one thing, even though it is a really small thing compared to all the other things on my list. Because at the moment I feel it has become a checklist.

I should be simple to know what I want, but…

Actually the physical stuff, cars, houses etc. will come when I have my mission in life in place. There is so many things I want to do.. but where to start. Mark also talked about that maybe what we are doing now only is a stepping stone for something even greater, so stay open minded. But I have to start somewhere..

Emotions reading our assignments change the energy in not only me, but everything around me, so I’m really looking forward as I progress and getting more enthusiastic into these readings, what I/they will accomplish on my self-esteem, in my business and in my family life.

This is such an amazing experience.. I have done something similar to the DMP before and read that every day, and it changed a lot, so why did I stop. It didn’t become a good habit. But now with this I know that this goes so much deeper, because I’m guided by true professionals, so I get it right, and therefore I already now feels stronger, even though I’m not where it’s going to be at all, but that is okay.. I’m on the way, I’m on the move..

I’m so much looking forward to the me in 6 month. I will be so amazing, gloving, shining, happy, grateful, loving and just fantastic.

‘When the student is ready the teacher will show’ I now understand that this is true, because I have for a long time wanted changes and tried different things, which luckily brought me to you. I’m so grateful for being ready to be here.


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Week 2 – Amazing – Frustrated – Stressed, but Happy

Again I want to share with you how I felt the 2. week for this journey.. of course this year is different.. but then again not so much actually.. I’m just a new place and facing new layers of concrete needing to get removed..

So maybe you can relate to this?

Enjoy my 1 years journey..


I really struggle with figuring out all the things I need to do to get the maximum out of this amazing Master Key program. I really struggle with where to find what and put things on my list.

But on the positive part.. I can already feel that it is making a difference in my life. I feel that when I have read the scroll it doesn’t matter how bad my energy started out with, how sad or irritated I was when I started reading. Because it change immediately! It’s like all my cells get filed with energy and I start smiling, and I straighten my back without thinking of it.

I know this is going to be amazing, and wow have no idea how fare this can take me. But I need the change, I need all this positive light fill my cells with energy, and I know that I’m on the right path.

Master Key Charlotte

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Week 1 – Gratitude

Now the journey starts.. this year again so grateful to be not only a part of changing my own life, but helping others to do the same..

The best gift ever..

And looking back on my 1. year doing this MasterKey is so fun..

Here is what I wrote when I toke the class:


I’m just so overwhelmed that I don’t know where to start.

So first I want to thank the lovely couple who invited me on this journey. I’m so grateful that you thought of me, and want me to improve and do better. Thank you!

Then I want to say thank you for this amazing program, and I’m really excited, nervous, happy and amazed to be a part of this for the next 6 month.

Some say that when you are ready the teacher will show, and I really feel that this is what they meant, now that I’m a part of this Master Key. This is a almost perfect timing, so I’m so glad, proved and honored.

The steps I went through..

1) excited to been given this opportunity.

(But I didn’t read the email right away, so when I finally opened it, I was so nervous that it was too late)

2) amazed over what it is

3) eager to get the application done, and done right

4) nervous that I didn’t make the list.

All kinds of thoughts went through my head. ‘Oh, I should have written so and so instead, then it might have been better.’ ‘What if I don’t cut the list?’ etc.

5) Super excited, happy, thrilled and words I can’t express, ‘yeah I made the list’.

6) Then what.. all the homework.

What was it, where do I find all the requirements.. Back to being nervous for not remembering to do all what is needed. Don’t want to be kick of the course.

2 Days in the program, and I work with this every minute that I got, so every time my little daughter is sleeping, I look at what to do today.


Week 3 – DMP works, just add the feelings.

Interesting that even though we know that it helps we tent to not do it.. hmmm..


Week 3 my first year

I knew that these affirmations works, so why didn’t I do them before.

Anyway, now I do, and I’m ready to attract my deepest desires.

I have for a very long time really wanted to have an au pair to help us out, and the need and longing for help didn’t become any less when I gave birth to my daughter earlier this year..

I have now, as many of you, worked and worked on my DMP, and even though the whole idea is to get it so to the core that every small detail like an au pair is included. Yet I was not ready to let go of the sentence which had au pair in it, even though I knew that with everything else this would also be a reality..

Today I had a visit from a student, who is studying the families of wounded soldiers, which we are. And we came across the topic help to let our daily life easier, and we talked about getting an au pair. My husband and I have talked and talked and talked about it.. but you need to do more than that. She now wants to helps us find out all the details, how to get on, and help us apply to get funding for the payment to an au pair. YEAH!!!

I know that it is not done yet! She is not on her way, and still yes she is 🙂

I know in my heart that on January 10th 2016, she will arrive at our address, and a new start will take place in our life. So this sentence stay in my DMP 🙂

So keep up the good work, and we will have what we long for 🙂

I need to add.. this is not only a sentence in my DMP. If you read my blog you know that after our sunday call, I got emotional about this sentence. I wanted to make the DMP shorter and to the point, but every time I got to this au pair sentence I started crying, and really feeling that “I need this, this is what I want, please let me have this help, please please please” or something like that, not saying but feeling. So now I just need to have the same feelings to everything else in the DMP.