Week 2 – Amazing – Frustrated – Stressed, but Happy

Again I want to share with you how I felt the 2. week for this journey.. of course this year is different.. but then again not so much actually.. I’m just a new place and facing new layers of concrete needing to get removed..

So maybe you can relate to this?

Enjoy my 1 years journey..


I really struggle with figuring out all the things I need to do to get the maximum out of this amazing Master Key program. I really struggle with where to find what and put things on my list.

But on the positive part.. I can already feel that it is making a difference in my life. I feel that when I have read the scroll it doesn’t matter how bad my energy started out with, how sad or irritated I was when I started reading. Because it change immediately! It’s like all my cells get filed with energy and I start smiling, and I straighten my back without thinking of it.

I know this is going to be amazing, and wow have no idea how fare this can take me. But I need the change, I need all this positive light fill my cells with energy, and I know that I’m on the right path.

Master Key Charlotte

Week 1 – Gratitude

Now the journey starts.. this year again so grateful to be not only a part of changing my own life, but helping others to do the same..

The best gift ever..

And looking back on my 1. year doing this MasterKey is so fun..

Here is what I wrote when I toke the class:


I’m just so overwhelmed that I don’t know where to start.

So first I want to thank the lovely couple who invited me on this journey. I’m so grateful that you thought of me, and want me to improve and do better. Thank you!

Then I want to say thank you for this amazing program, and I’m really excited, nervous, happy and amazed to be a part of this for the next 6 month.

Some say that when you are ready the teacher will show, and I really feel that this is what they meant, now that I’m a part of this Master Key. This is a almost perfect timing, so I’m so glad, proved and honored.

The steps I went through..

1) excited to been given this opportunity.

(But I didn’t read the email right away, so when I finally opened it, I was so nervous that it was too late)

2) amazed over what it is

3) eager to get the application done, and done right

4) nervous that I didn’t make the list.

All kinds of thoughts went through my head. ‘Oh, I should have written so and so instead, then it might have been better.’ ‘What if I don’t cut the list?’ etc.

5) Super excited, happy, thrilled and words I can’t express, ‘yeah I made the list’.

6) Then what.. all the homework.

What was it, where do I find all the requirements.. Back to being nervous for not remembering to do all what is needed. Don’t want to be kick of the course.

2 Days in the program, and I work with this every minute that I got, so every time my little daughter is sleeping, I look at what to do today.