Week 7 – What a wonderful World

This week is always funny and amazing..

You might walk around and feel and think that you are really positive, but ARE YOU?

When we start to take a closer look we might not like what we see, or rather what we going around thinking.. so..

Take the challenge with me..




It couldn’t be more perfect.. everything around me.

Last night on the call our new assignment was given; no negative thoughts!

Together with that we can’t complain, and no opinions 🙂 This must just be the start of the best week ever.

And yes.. Fantastic.. Amazing.!

My children sleeps a whole hour longer than usually, amazing then I also got some extra sleep, and never mind that we then get to daycare later. But we had to wait on daddy getting back from the workshop with the borrowed car, (our should have a checkup), yeah the car we should have had, had been in an accident, so we had to get one with one 2 seats. Great when you need to take 2 children to daycare. 🙂

So first my husband had to drive our son, and then I could go with my daughter to daycare (the same place), where she were suppose to start having a day without me, but they were under staffed, so no one to take care of the process of Agnes, my 10 month old daughter, getting settled in with new routines.. so okay, I just change my plans and stay.. Amazing 🙂 A whole day with my children at daycare 🙂

Then we have to go shopping, Agnes is very tired but wont sleep, that just makes a really fun girl to shop with 🙂 and to make it even better she drops my phone so that it breaks into pieces. Amazing.. 🙂

Okay, no negative thoughts, not nearly halfway through the shopping I realize that the time is way too late, and I need to pick our own car up at the workshop, and get back to my husband because he has a meeting he needs to attend. Okay Agnes has still not been sleeping, and it has started to rain. 🙂

This is now the rush-hour and we are getting nowhere.. BUT HEY HAPPY THOUGHTS, because do you know how many red circles there are.. MANY when you has to go through town.. so I’m just loving the red lights, and in my world my way to my LEGACY 🙂

Changing cars in pouring rain, on my own with a very tired Agnes. And then back to the family. Hey rush rush rush back, and what do I find.. my husband lying on the couch with our son. Hmmm.. The meeting was cancelled. ‘Oh, I wrote you a text message telling you’! This was 10 minutes ago and my drive takes 40 minutes, so really helpful.

Agnes still on sleep, so don’t want to eat, okay then up to bed, but no.. only almost 4 hours later and NOW a really frustrated mom, she is sleeping.

I’m not complaining, just stating the facts.. and telling the world what a wonderful world we live in 🙂

And tomorrow is a new day with NO NEGATIVE THOUGHTS..


Week 6 – Everything around me is falling apart – or maybe it’s me getting out of the cement Buddha.

This is really interesting to look back on, and also look what is happening this year in week 6 – wow!



Week 6 – Everything around me is falling apart – or maybe it’s me getting out of the cement Buddha.

I really feel that every time there is light at the end of the tunnel, something happen, not for the better, but so the light disappeared. Before I started my MKMMA journey, it really put me down, and I was really feeling sorry for myself, and I didn’t know what to do.

It’s not that the challenges are less, or not there (I will get to that part), but it’s not so hard on me now.

Especially now with scroll II, I greet this day with love in my heart 🙂

And also just going to look for the shapes around me, shifts my focus, and a smile, the light starts to show itself again.

The universe is slow, and do not send my desire as I states them, so my old blueprint has send out all these ‘oh no, not again’ and that is what is in the lineup for the universe to send to me.. so I hope that my only messaging to the universe is over, so it can begin to hear my new blueprint, my new desires.

When a sat down today and thought about what I want in life, and I read part 6 I got a bit concerned, what if I’m not entitled to what I desire.. it says ‘ and when we have accomplished this we may ask anything to which we are entitled’. Maybe I’m just not on the right path to what I’m entitled too. Is that why nothing is happening with my desire and dreams. What shall I do to make myself entitled?

It’s funny, I love the new scroll but at the same time I haven’t struggled as much as I do this week. The first 5 weeks, were a lot to do, but I loved doing it because I knew that it would do me not only good, but great. I still know this, but somehow my old blueprint has found it’s way back and is really fighting me.. but I don’t know what the blueprint is, and I think I don’t need to know. Because it just has to leave my body, and it will if I just stay focused.

I’m looking forward to when my surroundings starts to shift as well, because I know it will. The part I’m most curious about is the family, I always been the black sheep, not because I have done things badly, but just not like everyone else. So this is really not on anybody in my families radar, but that is only sad for them. But I know that with my new open loving hard, they will change as well.

Starting a new business I hope that they will change in time to be supportive of me and the choices I make for me and my family, but I don’t think that I’m that lucky. But I must not focus on the negative, because then it’s send out to become this way.

Love you all!

Week 5 – Living the life of your choice will influence your surroundings

3 years ago I had it like this.. really amazing to look back on the journey..



Week 5 – Living the life of your choice will influence your surroundings

Last week I wrote





This some of my fellow members read and commented on. And not just that good blog, no they really toke it in, and wrote “your words really helped me a lot to focus my daily exercises with excitement again” and one wrote “I’ll probably read this one EVERYDAY! Why would we go back to what we DID NOT WANT? That is so true….no turning back!”

The feeling of happiness and joy filled my body right away reading this.. wow.. so few word, and actually I was being hard, because I hate people complaining but they don’t do anything about their situation. So that others found it positive (one wrote: “I love your positive attitude and determination”) was so fantastic, and I just wanted to inspire more people to do their best!

You never know what color of the glasses the other person is looking at you. It also made me clean my glasses and look at the same words again, and yes the tone you put on the words change the whole context.

I really want to inspire others to be more.

Let’s link arms and help each other become the best version of us.

Let us lead the way, and make the world a better place.

Mark told us that you don’t have to be famous, you just need to live the life you dream of, and that will be enough to inspire others.. so if 3 short sentences can inspire 2 other members to keep doing the things, and being excited again.. it shouldn’t be that difficult to inspire tons of people around us.

We just need to live your life and be happy. With intention!!! If you are true to yourself and everyone around you.. people will want what you have without you telling anyone about it.

Right now when you look around, you can find more people that you don’t want to be like, than that inspires you to go for what they have. That is sad!

Why is it that we settle? Settle for so little!

I hope to be able to learn my kids not just to settle, not to become the cement Buddha, and live life without all that. But it starts with me!

I can’t give something that I don’t have!!

AS SIMPLE AS THAT, so one more reason for me not turning back.!

week 4 – We all have obstacles and problems.

3 years ago


Week 4

We all have obstacles and problems in our lives, and no one can tell you that yours are not as bad as theirs.

You can never compare!

So what if there are thousands of people starving in Africa, that doesn’t help me. Yes that is horrible, but it doesn’t change my situation. And the fact that my neighbors burned down (it didn’t) still doesn’t change the fact that I feel I’m struggling in my life. So get over it!


Only you can change your situation. And yes this course can and is confusing, and there is a lot going on, and I’m not use that I get it all 1) because of the info overload in my head 2) because I’m not native in english, and some slang words do not translate in Google, but I’m getting it. And I’m getting the part that I’m ready to get.

That is also why I would love to have had the time to be able to go back listen again, and again.. Because there is things I know I didn’t get the first time.. but I also know that everything is perfect!

I will get it in time 🙂

My life just got challenge one more time, a big set back with my husbands situation.

I could choose to focus on that, and that now everything will be hard, and it will be, but!!!! I know that I’m here for something way bigger, and I know that I have a purpose in life, so I need to step up and face the facts. And actually putting my head in these scrolls and my DMP and everything we read every day, THAT HELPS!!! It gets me back on track, back to where I’m going and not what is right in front of me. Because what is in front of me is the results of my old actions, my old blue print and thoughts, so therefore I can’t change that, but I can change how a react to it and how I let it be a part of my life.

I have know this for a long time, but the fact to do something about is not so easy.


So to all of you in the group, I know this is hard and you have challenges, but think of the things you really want, think of the world we can be a part of if more of us get this, get how to be nicer, help more people etc.







Week 3 – How much one word can change everything

Still amazes me!


Week 3 – Will

Wow – what a difference!

Why did the author even put in the word WILL? This makes such a big difference..

With the will, it’s more like you don’t really believe that it is possible, like someone is telling you to think like that, and yes that was what we (I) needed to hear in the beginning. But the book was not written for this course, so if a small word like will can make such a difference, he should also be aware of it.. and yeah maybe he is, I don’t know what will 🙂 come in the next scrolls.

I just had to share this WOW moment.. because it helped me in my thinking of how I daily put my words with my children, and now have to put my words in the DMP too.



Week 2 – Amazing – Frustrated – Stressed, but Happy

Again I want to share with you how I felt the 2. week for this journey.. of course this year is different.. but then again not so much actually.. I’m just a new place and facing new layers of concrete needing to get removed..

So maybe you can relate to this?

Enjoy my 1 years journey..


I really struggle with figuring out all the things I need to do to get the maximum out of this amazing Master Key program. I really struggle with where to find what and put things on my list.

But on the positive part.. I can already feel that it is making a difference in my life. I feel that when I have read the scroll it doesn’t matter how bad my energy started out with, how sad or irritated I was when I started reading. Because it change immediately! It’s like all my cells get filed with energy and I start smiling, and I straighten my back without thinking of it.

I know this is going to be amazing, and wow have no idea how fare this can take me. But I need the change, I need all this positive light fill my cells with energy, and I know that I’m on the right path.

Master Key Charlotte

Week 1 – Gratitude

Now the journey starts.. this year again so grateful to be not only a part of changing my own life, but helping others to do the same..

The best gift ever..

And looking back on my 1. year doing this MasterKey is so fun..

Here is what I wrote when I toke the class:


I’m just so overwhelmed that I don’t know where to start.

So first I want to thank the lovely couple who invited me on this journey. I’m so grateful that you thought of me, and want me to improve and do better. Thank you!

Then I want to say thank you for this amazing program, and I’m really excited, nervous, happy and amazed to be a part of this for the next 6 month.

Some say that when you are ready the teacher will show, and I really feel that this is what they meant, now that I’m a part of this Master Key. This is a almost perfect timing, so I’m so glad, proved and honored.

The steps I went through..

1) excited to been given this opportunity.

(But I didn’t read the email right away, so when I finally opened it, I was so nervous that it was too late)

2) amazed over what it is

3) eager to get the application done, and done right

4) nervous that I didn’t make the list.

All kinds of thoughts went through my head. ‘Oh, I should have written so and so instead, then it might have been better.’ ‘What if I don’t cut the list?’ etc.

5) Super excited, happy, thrilled and words I can’t express, ‘yeah I made the list’.

6) Then what.. all the homework.

What was it, where do I find all the requirements.. Back to being nervous for not remembering to do all what is needed. Don’t want to be kick of the course.

2 Days in the program, and I work with this every minute that I got, so every time my little daughter is sleeping, I look at what to do today.