Week 14 – If you look and see, you will learn something!

My first year…

Week 14 – If you look and see, you will learn something.

I have always been a great observer when seeing movies and always knew how things would turn out long before everyone else, but having this assignment to watch a movie through a certain set of glasses was fascinating, and how obvious all the characters were, and all the things we are working on. I know off course Mark did pick certain movies where we can link all these things, but still.

I actually think I will see the movie again not because it was an amazing movie, but to watch it with my husband and see what he sees, and what he gets out of it without influencing him first. It would be more fun to do it with another movie, but they are not easy to find outside the US. And at the same time when you see a movie the 2nd time you see something else.

Another funny thing is, now I only could easily access this one movie (‘Rudy’) I had no choice to at least start with this one, but that was not a coincidence. I don’t believe in coincidences. And I talked to my mastermind partner about it, and so funny because her movie also talked to her, and she had something happen to her similar to what happened in the movie, and I couldn’t relate to that at all, and she couldn’t relate to the movie I saw.

I’m not going to tell you about the movie, because I think you should see it yourself, but.. of course I’m going to tell you something since that is our assignment for the blog this week.

I saw the movie last week without actually having all the DMP, POA etc. in mind, but at the same time they were there, how could they not be.

The masterminding part in the movie I didn’t see when I saw the movie, but when Mark in the video this week said the word masterminding, I could see it right away, and at the same time started thinking of all the masterminding a lot of us do maybe even daily, just not conscious, and that is why it’s not masterminding.

I was hard to see a movie, where you could see how the “cement” was poured over this young boy, all the time being told that ‘you can’t do this’, ‘stop this nonsense’, ‘you will never achieve that’ etc. from his own dad, and then his brothers.. And how amazing that in spite of what everyone else believe he still continued against all odds, toward his dream. Yes he seemed stupid and fare out, but how far are you, me, willing to go for our dream, or is it just a nice to have thing, or is it a burning desire like this dream were for Rudy. Are we willing to look outside the obvious way to get to our goal, can we think outside the box? Are we ready to change our POA if new challenges comes our way.? or do we just say as most people, and like everyone else in the movie, ‘oh, this was just not for me’, I was not born to do great’ OH YES WE ARE!!!

In the movie you also see how things normally goes in a family, and in society. You grow up and do what is expected of you, nothing more than that. In this movie the father was a steelworkers or he owned the factory, so of course his sons should be a part of that business, what else was there to do in this small town? Don’t think for yourself.. just do what is expected..

An older son to Rudy, had the talent to do what Rudy wanted, but he just didn’t go for it, he just did as his dad told him to do, get work, find a wife etc. And so did Rudy, but he kept his dream inside and sadly one day his best friends dies, and that is the eye-opener for Rudy. And that is often what it takes for us to make changes in our life. It is sad that we often have to hit bottom before trying to get something better out of life..

I know we are working on it, and we are wanting to change, but do we really go the extra mill?


Are you really wanting your dream on your DMP-card? or is it only a dream?

Are you ready to go the extra mill TODAY?



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